Windows 10 can run reworked Android and iOS apps

windows-androidAfter months of rumors, Microsoft is revealing its plans to get mobile apps on Windows 10 today. While the company has been investigating emulating Android apps, it has settled on a different solution, or set of solutions, that will allow developers to bring their existing code to Windows 10.

As part of Microsoft’s effort to include more mobile apps on Windows 10 – The company announced at Build today that it will make it easier for developers to bring Android and iOS apps into the Windows Store. Microsoft is enabling this with two new software development kits. On the Android side, Microsoft is enabling developers to use Java and C++ code on Windows 10, and for iOS developers they’ll be able to take advantage of their existing Objective C code. It means that developers won’t need to completely rebuild their apps for Windows 10.

Terry Myerson during an interview with The Verge today said ” Microsoft’s pitch to developers is to bring their code across without many changes, and then eventually leverage the capabilities of Windows like Cortana, Xbox Live, Holograms, Live Tiles, and more.” The move will hopefully see more Apps arrive on the Windows Store, which up until now has been rather lacking. By having more apps, it could potentially draw more people to consider buying a Windows 10 smartphone, making it more of a threat to iOS and Android.

Alongside the iOS and Android SDKs, Microsoft is also revealing ways for websites and Windows desktop apps to make their way over to Windows universal apps. Microsoft has created a way for websites to run inside a Windows universal app, and use system services like notifications and in-app purchases.