Corrugation Machine

A corrugation machine, also known as a corrugated box making machine, is a specialized equipment used in the packaging industry to produce corrugated cardboard or corrugated board. Corrugated board is widely used for packaging materials, including boxes, cartons, displays, and protective packaging. The machine performs the process of corrugation, which involves the creation of flutes or ridges in the cardboard to provide strength and rigidity.

Here are some key components and features typically found in a corrugation machine:

  1. Corrugating Rolls: The machine consists of a set of corrugating rolls, usually made of hard chrome-plated steel. These rolls have specially designed patterns that create the desired flute profiles in the cardboard.
  2. Glue Unit: The machine incorporates a glue unit that applies adhesive to the corrugated medium, which is the fluted layer of the corrugated board. The glue is typically a starch-based adhesive that provides bonding between the liner and medium.
  3. Preheating Section: Some corrugation machines may have a preheating section to heat the paperboard before the corrugation process. Preheating helps in achieving better bonding and ensures uniform fluting.
  4. Heating Plates: Heating plates are used to control the temperature during the bonding process. They provide heat and pressure to the corrugated board to ensure proper adhesion between the liner and medium.
  5. Cutting and Stacking: Once the corrugated board is produced, the machine may include cutting and stacking sections. These sections trim the board to the desired size and stack the finished sheets for further processing or packaging.
  6. Speed Control and Automation: Corrugation machines often have adjustable speed controls to accommodate different production requirements. Some advanced models may incorporate automation features, such as computerized controls, touchscreens, and sensors, for improved efficiency and ease of operation.

Corrugation box making machines can vary in size, capacity, and complexity based on the specific needs of the packaging manufacturer. They play a crucial role in the production of corrugated cardboard, which is widely used for its lightweight, cost-effective, and versatile packaging applications.


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